Niki Henry

Make-up & Hair Design


07973 140 623




Niki Henry is a London based hair and make-up artist working in the industry for over 10 years. Specialising in commercials, film,TV and music promos.


Working with a variety of directors, brands, production companies and celebrities...



Dougal Wilson, Stephen Woolfenden, Sam Brown, Anthony Dickenson, The Bobbsey Twins, Steve Meredith, Max Sherman, Chris Gaunt, Augustus Punch, Dahlan Lassalle, ThirtyTwo, Richard Jung, Steve Reeves, Bugsy Steel, Peter Cattereo, Barty Dearden, Joachim Back, Luke Monaghan, Paul Geusenbroek, Andre Stringer, Gary Martin, Isaac Bell, Jim Gilchrist, Stephen Parker, Max Mallon



John Lewis, Boots, Adidas, Beats by Dre, Marks&Spencer, YouTube, Instagram, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Mcdonalds, Virgin Atlantic, Colemans, Subway, Gillette, JustEat, Pampers, Robinsons, B&Q, Volkswagen, Royal Mail, Argos, Oral B, BT Infintity, Debenhams, Samsung, Google, Heinz, UEFA, Sony, Barclays, Halfords, BBC, RFU,The Princes Trust, Coca Cola, Yonex, Baileys, NSPCC, Tesco, Bupa,  Nokia, RyanAir, Travelodge, Emirates, House Of Fraser, TK Maxx, Disney, Huawei, NHS, HSBC, Ikea, Paddy Power, Legoland


Production Companies

Blink, RSA, Outsider, HSI, Cavier, Academy, Somesuch, Passion Raw, Home Corp, Pulse, BBC, ITV, C5, C4, Mustard, Tantrum, Sweetshop, Pulse, Another film co, Bisqit, Stink,  Hoi Polli, Super Glue, Serious Pictures, Riff Raff, Rogue, Chrome Prods, Independent, Woodall Prods, Radical Media, Rocking Horse prods, 3Angry Men, Smuggler, Partizan, Red Bee, Colonel Blimp, Xpono Media, CC Lab, Cogsworth Prods, Premier, Lovelight Ltd, Codachrome, Great Guns, Clouded Vision, Good Egg



David Attenborough, Adrian Scarsborough, Tiff Stevenson, Harry Redknapp, Bill Wyman, Anthony Joshua, Robert Webb, Andy Murray, Mark Owen, Alicia Dixon, Vicky McClure, Alison Steadman, Terry Wogan, Harry Kane, Gary Lineker, Miranda Hart, Danny Dyer, Keith Allen, Laura Aikman, Claire Forlani, Aiden Quinn, Malcolm Mcdowell, Alex Brooker, Plan B, Harriet Walter, Ricci Harnett, Jess Wright, Gemma Collins